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The humankind, being the part of the nature since the beginning of his existence, is the only creature who compels nature to which he belongs, to show a change upon his own life requirements. However, no matter what he does, he also has the motive of satisfying the need that he feels towards the natural, intrinsically. In our day, this need which is necessary for human health, has turned into a luxury consumption. Wood is the most favourite material in the usage of the natural products for luxury, due to its breathing and continuing to live. In our day, so many trees are being cut for meeting the need of spatial luxury. Starting from this point, since the year of 1985, we aimed to develop our acquaintanceship and communication with wood, to obtain more product with less tree, to be able to use the wood with all its naturalness in both interior and the exterior spaces in a way providing it to endure against the most compelling conditions. Because, according to us, the tree should have been cut for only medicine. Today; we’re living the pride of presenting the technological wood, which is unique and which we have obtained from 100% natural trees, under the trademark of Technowood.

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